Busy Bee

I’ve been one. Multiple shooting assignments each week for this most recent class have kept me running and family stuff in between has taken up the rest of my time. I’m finished with shooting for this class tho- it ends the day after tomorrow and then I move into…. College Math *dun dun DUUUUNNNN* Not excited about that at ALL but at least it’s the last math class I’ll ever have to take so once its over at the end of September, I’m done with math forever which I’ve never been able to say before. I have a new project tho and I wanted to stop by to share it with you. Its a big deal- like bigger than the vow renewal ceremony (plans for which have kind of stalled until I get some more money together *sighs*)

This big deal is something I’ve been wanting most of my life and I finally talked my husband into it. I’m the proud new owner of 4, that’s right 4 new goats! I know, I know- what am I going to do with goats? Well we raised them when I was little, for milk and for meat, and I was so sad when my dad finally sold them off because they were my escape as a  very lonely child living in the country. I would play with the goats and my dogs for hours at a time and when he had to sell them I felt a little lost. Fast forward to two weeks ago when I finally got my husband to agree to let me have a few. (he’s the one paying the bills and adding an extra expense is always something I let him make the final decision on) I immediately got to work finding some for sale on Craigslist and found two that I thought would be a good start. I put up a fence, vigilantly searched out and destroyed as many of the poisonous plants as I could, and cleaned out the freezer truck box that is now their barn. If that sounds weird to you, think about it- its the perfect size, seriously well insulated, has not one but two doors, and its totally water proof. It works out great and there are even raised wheel wells that are flat and make perfect feeders because they have a low ledge all the way around them.

The day before I was set to go pick up the two goats I found on Craigslist (65 miles away in my Hyundai Santa Fe that now smells like goat pee *sigh*) my husband saw a flier for some Fainting Goats for sale in the local feedstore. I called the number because he liked the idea of the fainting goats, and the woman was selling them for $50 each because she just wanted to get her herd down to a more manageable number. These goats generally sell for $2-300 so I was all over that idea. I went and picked out two of them with plans to pick them up the next day (yesterday) after I got the two that were farther from me.

The trip home with the first two was uneventful aside from the mama (hereafter known as Madeline or Rotten) peeing on my seats twice. Her baby (two week old Marshmallow) even got friendly enough to come sit on the console between my front seats near the end of the trip. She’s about 10 inches tall and as precious as can be. Her mother is a Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy mix and she’s got a bit of a bossy gene.

Picking up the fainting goats- Mabeline and her baby Oreo- was also uneventful and she didn’t pee in my car. Getting them all accustomed to each other and to me has been the challenge. I ended up chasing Oreo all over our field after she got out of the electric fence and the only reason I caught her was because Jarell brought Mabeline out on a tether so baby could see mama. Madeline is bullying Mabeline and poor Mabeline is having a hard time of it because she can’t just run away- her legs stiffen up and then she falls over when she gets excited because of her Fainting goat heritage.

I spent the night having terrible nightmares about all sorts of horrible things happening to them, but as of this morning, everything was still okay.