Its coming, its coming!!! Halloween is coming!!

For those of you new to this blog, you may not realize that I am obsessed with the holidays, but Halloween in particular is my favorite time of year. People who come to my house have been known to comment on the decorations around the house…. year round. Decorations like the skulls in my potpourri vases, the skeletal fingers too, skulls on the speakers with ravens atop them, spiders and roaches in the wine glasses that adorn my mantle. Honestly I’ve got something creepy in almost every room of my house and some rooms more than others. I take them for granted because I love all things creepy, but it always makes me grin when someone else comments on them.

As a way to get ready, I thought I’d link back to a few of my previous projects from here (since most are not exactly tutorials) to give me some inspiration and share with you a few ideas as well.

Then I realized that all you have to do is click on the tag ‘Halloween’ to the right hand side of this blog and it will take you to all my Halloween related posts. You can even watch the changes in the quality of my photography 😉

Happy Haunting! I’ll be back soon (I hope) with some new projects for this year’s party.


3 thoughts on “Its coming, its coming!!! Halloween is coming!!

  1. I know how you love halloween! Personally, I’m glad we’re in Florida so I don’t have to do the fake Christmas “ho ho ho” cheer just for the pleasure of seeing grandkids we never see the other 364 days of the year. But I will miss the Indiana neighborhood kids at my door halloween night.

  2. Halloween is just so much fun! Now that I have a baby it feels even more fun, I get to do and create all that lovely spooky halloween fun for the kiddos.

    I just love the spirit, the ritual and the tradition in it. I love how old this holiday is and all the history around it.

  3. Dani- I know what you mean- the back story is every bit as much fun as the actual holiday itself.

    Beau’s mom- Love is an understatement. Did the kiddos trick or treat in your neighborhood? We don’t get trick or treaters out here in the boonies so that always makes me feel a bit left out but the party is the part I really look forward to.

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