Big News!

Life has caught up with me once again- the last you heard from me I was busy with planning Thanksgiving and getting assignments done for class. The picture above was my art assignment for this week and it has a story behind it. This week we studied Expressionism and although I’ve never been a big fan of Picasso and his contemporaries, there’s something to be said for the amount of emotion their work… well… expressed. An artist I had never heard of, Kathe Kollwitz, really struck a chord with me this week and I chose her work as an inspiration for my own piece. (our assignment every week is to create a piece of art using any medium based on something we’ve studied that week)

The picture above is introspective- looking down on top of the body (a self portrait) one arm outstretched, the other curved protectively around my belly. The reason? I just found out last Monday that I’m pregnant and boy if that doesn’t bring on the heavy introspection, I don’t know what will. There are nerves galore- will everything be okay? Do I really get to keep this baby? These things are on repeat in my mind almost non-stop as background noise, but they are mostly drowned out by happier thoughts- I hope its a girl, but I’d be okay with a boy if my husband would just pick a boy’s name he’s okay with. (he actually wants a girl too- lucky me 🙂 ) I can’t wait to decorate the nursery although packing all my craft stuff up is daunting- I have a whole room full and overflowing with stuff that I absolutely cannot part with so a trip to the store for storage tubs is high on the agenda before I can do much else.

I have plenty of time- I’m not even 6 weeks along if things are as I think they are (although AF last month was weird and late so I suppose I could be closer to almost 1o weeks along instead of almost 6 but I don’t think that’s the case. Either way I’ll find out more when I have my doctor’s appointment next Monday (a whole ‘nother week seems interminably long!)

As busy as I’ve been, I’ve officially gone into overload. I will be cutting out the vow renewal ceremony- I can’t really concentrate on anything other than baby right now and I don’t want to try and fit my 4 or 5 month pregnant self into a wedding dress here in a couple of months- it just doesn’t seem that important any more, but we do still have plans to do that someday. (can’t let that $13oo dress go to waste after all!)

So that’s my news- big news at that 🙂

Whats going on in your worlds?


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