Pregnancy Brain

Sucks! Seriously- its not something pregnant woman talk about to the uninitiated either. Well I’m breaking the silence. First it starts innocuously enough- two people start to talk at the same time and you let the other person go first. By the time their done talking you’ve forgotten what you were going to say. Walking into a room for lotion for your winter chapped hands and forgetting what you were there for, but remembering when you get a drink of water from the sink (water=hydration=geez I wish my hands weren’t so dry=oh yeah! lotion!)

But then it starts to get worse. Cooking a ham on Thanksgiving with every intention of saving the bone for soup. Waking up from a reverie to realize you just threw the ham bone away and you don’t want to be gross and dig it back  out of the trash even tho it just landed on some cardboard. Walking into a room and forgetting what you were there for and then forgetting what you were doing before you got there, making it impossible to go back to what you were doing before the memory lapse. Getting on the computer to look something up, forgetting by the time you have the laptop open what you were going to look up, and two days later you still have no idea what you needed to look up. All that’s left is the nagging sense that its important.

This is my life over the last two weeks. Its funny, but really its not. I mean I know sleep deprivation is coming for me and that will lead to lots of forgetfulness, but I really wasn’t anticipating the joys of losing brain cells and its rough. *sighs*


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Next Halloween you’ll have a new body to dress up!!! In the meantime you’ve answered one of my questions about my memory lapses. I must be pregnant!!!

    • Thank you Dana! I’m so over the moon happy and you’re very right- I’m going to have fun dressing this little bit next year 🙂

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