Finally Some Pictures

You’d think with me being a photography student there would be more evidence of my chosen profession around here, but lately sitting and laying down are about all I’ve had energy for. Yesterday tho, we sent my brother and his girlfriend back to California after their visit for the holidays and I was able to muster the energy to take a few pictures of them back in our woods before we took them to the airport.

This is E and along with being my brother’s partner in crime, I’m totally claiming her as my newest sister- she’s an absolute sweetheart! She and my brother took care of me while Jarell was in Iowa this past week and we had so much fun learning all the thins we have in common.

K and E

Aww young love 🙂

He was opposed to having pictures taken and the sun was in his eyes so this was the face I got

Love this one the best

All smiles after he made a bunch of silly faces and I got the good shot with a rare real smile from him.

In other (i.e. baby) news, I have learned to truly dislike morning (read: all day) sickness, but I am more than thankful that I don’t actually throw up when I’m sick. The one downside is that I’m losing weight due to having food aversions to almost everything. Its got me and even my husband who’s normally unflappable a bit concerned because the weight lost is visibly noticeable. Fortunately I’ve decoded my latest cravings and there is a pot of gluten free pasta cooking on the stove with homemade crab alfredo sauce all ready to top it.

Guess that about does it for this evening so I’ll sign off and wish you all a good night 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finally Some Pictures

    • There’s not much to see yet, but I’ll take some soon. With having lost quite a bit of weight (well for me anyway) I’m thinner now than I have been in several years, but there’s still no baby showing yet.

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