Pregnancy Symptoms

More specifically cravings and aversions. Soooo much fun! not…. When I first got pregnant, I felt so silly. I mean- I shouldn’t have been feeling so…. pregnant….. yet, right? Even the books reassuring me that the hCG being detectable in my blood stream also meant feeling pregnant weren’t enough to keep me from feeling silly. I mean, sure, I could understand bloating, some nausea, a heightened sense of smell and feeling a little tired, because those are supposed to be “normal” early pregnancy symptoms. I could even understand the food aversions because of the sense of smell. But the cravings were a little more confusing. When I picture pregnancy cravings, I picture the movie standby scenes of heavily pregnant mothers to be standing in their kitchen in the middle of the night with a bowl of cookie dough in one hand and an egg roll in the other. Or the classic scene from Father of the Bride Part II where Steve Martin races in with takeout from 5 or 6 restaurants for his wife and daughter.

That is what I think of when it comes to pregnancy cravings. So imagine, how I feel being 3 months pregnant and having serious cravings that started nearly from the beginning. At first it was pineapple and mangoes, then mashed potatoes and green beans, tacos from Taco Bell (which I can barely type without gagging) a sub from Blimpie’s (I cooked the meat and ate that with toppings as a salad, no bread). Lately its been tostadas and Chipotle’s burritos. Mexican food in one form or another seems to be a constant. None of these cravings really make sense, but they are undeniable nevertheless and they drive me crazy. I would give so much to know what I wanted to eat and know too that the food I cooked for dinner was not going to make me sick the next day when I went to heat up leftovers for another meal.

Yeah for all of you who’ve never been pregnant, these things and more are coming to you when you reach this stage. And if you’re a man, then maybe your partner has this to look forward to and let me tell you, if she says she wants it or needs it, please just say, anything you want honey like my husband does and she will adore you like I do him.


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