Good Day :)

Had a really nice walk with my dogs in our field today. I haven’t had much energy since the advent of the baby so the mile or so that I rambled around in the field while my babies ran to their hearts’ content was wonderful. I sat on the ground and soaked up the sun and the warm (50 degrees or so) weather while they raced back and forth between me and their adventures.

They’ve grown so big in the past year- they’ll be a year old on Valentine’s day and they have grown to be such beautiful animals. This picture is Chowder (he’s my Chowder-head) and Betsie running to me on one of their rounds

We went down into the woods to get them a drink from the creek that runs through our property. This pool and waterfall (mostly dormant with this dry weather) is my favorite spot on our land, but thanks to poison ivy, its only accessible in the cold months so I always try to get out there several times in the winter and fall.

Turns out the dogs thought it was pretty cool too- they all went for a swim

On my walk back to the house I snapped this shot of one of the mini ponds that has sprung up in the terracing on the fields where the water collects when it rains. I love the way each one makes a beautiful oasis in a field otherwise covered in tall grasses. One such pond even boasts a tiny willow tree that has sprung up in the last couple of years.

I took these pictures with my cell phone because I didn’t take my camera along, but good news! My sweet husband must have found my lens when he was cleaning (doesn’t remember, but I know it wasn’t me) so that’s one less thing on my mind for Monday.


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