6 months

How did that happen?? I look over at my drafts folder and see the 16 weeks post still sitting there half finished and unpublished and can’t imagine how 16 weeks suddenly turned into 6 months. Its been a crazy roller coaster lately with everything going on- family drama (isn’t there always?) finding out about my new niece or nephew who should arrive on the scene about 4 months after my little angel gets here, school work, gardening, and even a bit of photography (not much, but a little).

  • I’m happy to say at my appointment with my midwife yesterday I was up 5 pounds from the last visit- a nice surprise when I had been steadily losing weight, but it does mean I’m going to finally have to start watching what I eat a bit to avoid gaining too fast or too much. I’m cool with that tho.
  • Baby is moving like all the time now- she kicks low and punches high or she drums with double kicks and cymbal crashes just like daddy and some days she just lays against my pelvis and I love all of it.
  • Gardening is wearing me out, but seems to be helping with the exercise requirements- my midwife gave me the thumbs up on that as well as getting to go swimming at the lake when we’re there in a couple of months (and I can’t wait to be there!!!)
  • My most recent crazy was beginning to tel my mother in law what the strangest pregnancy symptom was and the promptly forgetting it… and I still can’t remember! So I guess whatever I was going to say, it must not have been as weird as my selective amnesia lately.
  • My husband has been incredibly supportive of me lately- even more so than usual and I just can’t get enough of how caring and wonderful he is. The further my pregnancy progresses, the more he does to help me with everything and I can’t wait to be able to see him holding his little girl in his arms.

So much to be thankful for!


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