Johnny and Jessi- a wedding story

Just shy of a month ago, I had the extreme pleasure of being able to capture the wedding of my husband’s childhood best friend. It was a beautiful day and I loved every minute of it. (despite being nearly 7 months pregnant at the time and on my feet for about 7 hours)

The day couldn’t have been more perfect- it had been windy and cool the night before when they had their rehearsal, but the sky was just barely overcast the day of the wedding, with temperatures in the mid-70’s. Perfect for pictures, perfect for a wedding, just perfect.

I thought I’d share a few of the pictures from that day.


30 weeks and counting down

Here it is- I’m at 30 weeks now which means that this is my last week with double digit weeks left til my due date. (I say this knowing full well that she may not/probably won’t join us on that date) I remember being just 10 weeks along- it was the end of December and it was when my morning sickness started. It was a rough rough week for me, but looking back, I am so thankful for all that has come before this because I know it was good training for that day that is fast approaching when I will be bringing her out into the world. The morning sickness lasted nearly to 5 months which was hard, but it has mostly gone away now aside from the occasional drop in to remind me that all is not normal in my brain and digestive system.

I am hoping that this 31st week of pregnancy will be memorable in that it will mean the final completion of this year long stint in Iowa for Jarell. He’s been working up there since last March and, aside from a brief hiatus in late summer last year when they ran a job in Kansas City, its been long weeks with him gone and short weekends with him home. There have been longer periods of time when they were back, but mostly they’ve been gone and as my due date approaches, I am getting more and more anxious to have him here, close, and ready at hand, should our daughter decide to make her appearance sooner than expected.

I’ve reached the point where working in the garden is uncomfortable, even tho I want to be out in it more than almost anything else, so today J11 and her boyfriend are coming over to help me get some much needed weeding done. While they work on the weeding end of things, I’m going to try and get some tomatoes transplanted that are currently growing too close together. Then everything is going to get a good dose of fertilizer because a lot of my plants are looking a bit yellow. I have already harvested my first batch of green beans for the year- tiny and incredibly tender, the lettuce is done for the season which means it will be coming out to make room for the tomatoes moving, the peas are just starting to put on pods (weird warm weather and a late planting), I’m harvesting small turnips and the last of the radishes and trying to figure out how best to preserve them. Its been a good year thus far for productivity. Maybe after the garden is weeded and cleaned up, I won’t feel so bad about sharing pictures with you- right now its a mess. 🙂

28 weeks later

In which I do not post about zombies…. But I bet I get a lot of traffic looking for zombies from this post. 🙂

All dressed up for a wedding I photographed last weekend (pictures soon)

Today I have been carrying this little one inside me for 26 weeks, but our wacky medical traditions say I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I can live with that- it sure feels like I’ve been doing this for 7 months. I am loving it, the movements, hiccups, watching my belly grow and knowing that the little one is growing right along with it. I don’t love the sore hips however or the Braxton-Hicks contractions (just had one of those as I was typing). I am also not a patient person *AT ALL* so I’m really ready to meet this little lady I have been carrying inside me for so long. Its amazing to be so truly in love with someone you’ve never laid eyes on.

We’ve moved up from random belly bounces now and I can sit and watch the “waves” on my stomach as she twists and turns. I can even feel the occasional hand, foot, elbow or even her head, resting against the palm of my hand when I place it on my belly. She’s nearly up in my ribs now which is a …unique… sensation, but so far the weirdest one is the way she seems to be trying to dig her way out of my cervix… Yeah that’s a bit different.

We’re starting to get stocked up for her arrival now- diapers are building up, the clothes… well lets just say she probably has nearly as many clothes as I do and she hasn’t even made her appearance in the outside world yet ;), I bought not one but two car seats at a garage sale for $12 for the pair and will be taking them to get inspected in the not to0-distant future. I got a stroller for $10- loving these deals btw- and even got a Moby Wrap which I’m honestly more excited about than anything else. A friend of ours whose mother frequents auctions brought us a cute vintage bassinet that will probably be used for dolly storage since the bars aren’t quite spaced right based on current safety standards, but I love it too- its so sweet and small and will go wonderfully with the doll cradle that I will be passing on to her that was made by her great grandfather.

I finally broke down and bought a single pair of maternity jeans, but I still fit comfortably into all my other pants except when I sit down. Then the waistbands are too restrictive but a ponytail holder solves that problem in a jiffy. The problem I’m facing now is that my shirts are getting to be too short so I’ll have to go shopping soon and I really don’t enjoy trying on clothes.

I am thankful for all these things- the fun and not so fun- because they mean that my little one is doing well and my body is preparing itself just as it should be.