Hellesbelles in a nuthouse…. er shell

I live in Misssouri in a very small town with my husband and a fluctuating amount of pets. I am a housewife, cratfperson, cook, entrepreneur, gardener, student of life, and so much more. I have no children as of yet, but many nieces and nephews and 18 siblings in law. All of these things come into play in my writing and I discuss them as humour strikes me. I try often to show proof of progress with my creative works through pictures but this is not always easy. I talk about many things and try to have a sense of humour in my writing as I do in real life. All subjects are from my own point of view and I am very opinionated but will not go out of my way to offend anyone. I am a Capricorn who doesn’t fit the description despite being born in the middle of the cycle. I was raised in the RLDS church and altho I am no longer an active member, those beliefs also have some affect on my thoughts. In other words, I believe very strongly on God, but the church is a not so much situation because in my thoughts, churches, at least here in the promised land for my church, are what is wrong with religion. I don’t believe that is true everywhere, but here there is too much corruption for my taste and everything comes down to money instead of God. There I’ve said my little piece on that. I never planned to make this so long, but I wish I knew better what to tell people about myself as I am always curious when it comes to reading other people’s blogs.


One thought on “Hellesbelles in a nuthouse…. er shell

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I just wanted to thank you for your blog–and especially thank you for your account of Ali’s birth. As always, I wish I had been there with you. I feel a lot of emotion when I read of the interventions the medical personnel did–anger toward them, sadness for you. I’m very thankful, though, that all was well with you both. I love you and am so proud of you, Melissa!

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