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Body Image

Over the years that I’ve had this blog, I’ve talked before about my weight some and how I wished I could get into shape. When Jarell got sick back in August, we both renovated our lifestyles, started taking some supplements to fix some issues, and began being healthier in general. It was discovered that I not only had an issue with hypothyroidism (thyroid slows down production of certain crucial hormones, causing weight gain, hair growth, and a ton of other fun stuff), the IBS that I’ve discussed in the past, but also a gluten allergy. When I began addressing these issues, the weight started melting off even though I was eating more than I usually did. It wasn’t a fast weight loss, but, I am proud to say that since the end of August last year, I’ve lost about 25 pounds. I’d been hovering at just over 200 (yes I’m short and round, but I know a lot of it is muscle, as I wear comfortably the same size as several of my friends who are my height and weigh 30 pounds less than I do) for a long time, and I was okay with that. Then, I got pregnant and my weight at my first doctor’s appointment was up several pounds which came as quite a shock since I’d only weighed myself 2 days before. I was okay, but it did seem off. Then two weeks, and a bout with food poisoning later, I went back in and they were shocked to see me sitting 10 pounds lighter than the previous visit. This made more sense to me considering both the food poisoning and the fact that it lined up with where I should have been. Since then I have ignored my scale, only getting weighed again last week when I went in to see my OB one last time. Again, my weight was where it had been before (I have a sneaking suspicion that I lost quite a bit in the month between the two appointments but finally started to put some weight back on when I was able to eat again and everyone else has commented on it as well) and I was thankful for this fact as it meant I wasn’t losing or gaining weight in an unhealthy fashion.

You might well wonder where I’m going with this rambling diatribe about my weight, but your patience, if you’re still here, is about to be rewarded. My weight right now at 3 months, 5 days pregnant is 197 and I’m perfectly okay with that. I have fought my weight for years and in one of those supreme ‘go figure’ moments, I am at my thinnest I’ve been for 4 years at least, while also 3 months pregnant. I look in the mirror and don’t see a body that is gradually gaining back the pounds I’ve worked so hard to lose. Instead, I see a body that is being transformed into a temporary home and safe harbor for the infant I am growing inside me and what I see is beautiful. The swell in my belly that is more than just flab left from problems with the gluten allergies and a faulty thyroid is amazing to me and my breasts that are growing slowly to enormous proportions (and I was a 36 DD before the baby started making its mischief there) are not alien to me, but merely a much needed and quite conveniently free baby accessory that is going to make my life so much easier when the little one makes their arrival.

I find it amazing how one simple change in the weight gain formula can so easily affect how I see my body. For the first time in a long time, I am happy with what I see and although I still have concerns about the various issues that go hand in hand with being overweight while pregnant, I know to that I have the tools to avoid most of those pitfalls in the form of better nutrition, a healthier diet, and the willingness to get out and move when I have the energy. (which is supposed to be coming back any day now… right?) I am thankful for the first time for my wide hips and stocky muscular build that will help me lift this child and carry the weight of it through pregnancy and infancy.

What are you thankful for?

Our romantic weekend

A while back I mentioned that we were taking a romantic weekend to enjoy ourselves somewhere other than home and we did in fact go. I have been meaning rub it in tell you about it ever since but never quite got around to it. So today as I sit here surrounded by the sounds of silence- my fish tank in the other room, the freeway in front of our property, and the ever present humming of appliances- I will share with you a few pictures and a bit about the gorgeous hotel where we stayed.

Chateau Avalon is a lovely hotel located near the Kansas City International Speedway. Amazingly the walls were thick enough to drown out the sound of the cars racing around the track even tho our window looked out over said track.

View from our window

View from our window

This view was not however what we saw when we first walked through the door. Instead we saw this.

102_2334copyand this…

102_2335copyFinally after some deliberation and warnings to my husband not to “break anything” we found this 102_2338copyand were quite pleased with our deductive skills.

We walked through the door/book case to find this


 As you can see I kicked my shoes off even before taking pictures. I also had one of the towels unwrapped in preparation for taking a bath in that big beautiful tub. It was some sort of fancy shmancy chromatherapy tub which is basically colored light therapy (how weird yes?) but all we cared about was that it was big enough for two and it had jacuzzi jets. Yeah that was nice. Obviously tubs that big come in handy for romantic getaways and now we have vowed to replace our space hogging jacuzzi tub for half a person (it came witht the house) with one of these babies.

We went to dinner at a Cajun restaurant nearby and fell in love with their crabcakes. Then we returned to watch a movie and eat a lovely dessert- white chocolate blondie outside in front of the fountain.