Mexican Christmas

Not the actual holiday altho thats a very unusual event in and of itself. But it sure felt like Christmas last night when I got to open the bags of our belongings that just came back to us from Mexico. Let me explain to those of you who didn’t live through this with me on myspace. Back in the middle of November my darling dearest and I moved to Mexico for his job with his father. It was an open ended trip that may have lasted for years. We came back for a couple of weeks just before Christmas and because it was supposed to be a short trip home, we didn’t bring all our stuff home with us. But we never went back (and for that I thank god every day. I still have nightmares where we had to go back down there.) Our stuff however was still there. Mostly clothes, but I needed those clothes especially the shirts. Also some really nice yarn that I bought for a steal down there. And my extra contacts. Well I was ecstatic to find out yesterday that this stuff all came home with my MIL and FIL. How awesome is that? So I happily dug out the clothes from the first suitcase that came upstairs last night and threw them in the washer and this morning they were dry and warm and so happy to be back in the US. They clung to the dryer which doesn’t surprise me because we didn’t have a dryer down there and everything was line dried. Oh I was so happy that got my spongebob pj’s back and my good cute shirts. I was almost crying over the stuff I thought was gone for good. Well enough of all this misplaced emotion. I’m off to dig through another bag of goodies.


Early mornings pass so quickly

I got up this morning about 8 o’clock and went almost immediately to finish the dolly that I showed yesterday. I painted the blonde’s face (I don’t like that one near as well and unfortunately it showed when I did the face- droopy eyes and a large and ungraceful mouth) and even made a carrying bag for her that snaps shut and resembles a pillow case. I have a feeling that a childs size pillow would fit in it and she could take it all to granny’s house. I came out of the back room and checked on the time and lo and behold, it was 11 o’clock! Holy cow where did my morning go? I’m still in my pajamas and sitting in the living room. One of the older J’s picked up the younger ones because she and my husband and I switch off watching them. So now I’m left with a nice quiet albeit messy house and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself today. I was ecstatic to see that several of my seeds have little green sprouts now and I went over each egg carton checking to see which plants were up and if any more showed signs of saying hello today. I was not disappointed. I also saw the prettiest cardinal couple out the window of my sewing room and made a mental note to mention them as these are really the first signs of birds we’ve had. I knew my ant was a sign that spring was on its way. I feel rather brilliant now even tho its supposed to be cold all week.

On a sadder note, I’ve got a memorial service to go to for a very dear family friend tomorrow night and I’m not sure what to wear. When my grandmother died, I wore jeans and the brightest red sweater because those are happy colors and my gramma wouldn’t have recognized me in something else. That was with family who understood my eccentricities tho and I’m not sure Frank’s family will feel the same. I met this man when I was 4 or 5 years old tho and he was like an uncle to me. Again, I was always in jeans when he was around. I’m a daddy’s girl and a tomboy and when Frank was over I was usually working outside with him and my dad so pretty clothes had no place in my life. I’ve never been good at this stuff anyway.

Frank was one of the last of a dying breed. He had family connections to the mob and of course that means he was Italian. I remember debating with him over whether or not you could make manicotti with cottage cheese in place of ricotta. I’m anti-ricotta for the most part and to him that was close to sacrilegious. Thats just the kind of guy he was. But always very upbeat and sure of himself and where he stood with life. He smoked who knows how many cigarettes a day but contrary to our expectations that wasn’t what got him in the end. I’m really going to miss seeing him around and this is yet another reminder to me that I should stay in touch with the people I care about because you never know when they won’t be around any more.