Things that make me smile

Someone found my blog by looking up “pee on” Well yes there is a post here about the time I got stung by a jellyfish and my sister in law said “Just let him pee on your leg- that will make it feel better.” Oddly enough this is not the first time someone has found me by looking up something about peeing on someone’s leg.

The song the Hampster Dance. When I was about 12 or so and the internet at home was still a relative novelty my dad called me into his office one night “Melissa c’mere you gotta see this” and there on the screen were dozens of dancing hampsters and my dad was smiling like a little kid. How can that not be a happy memory?

My dogs especially Pepper are sweet and crazy funny animals. Pepper has this look I call the “Hush Puppy” look because her lips curl up on her teeth when she closes her mouth so that she looks like the puppet from Lambchops Playalong. I don’t have a picture because she only does it when I don’t have a camera on me. She along with Tinkerbell, Lily, Pugsly, and Missy are the current doggie owners of my heart.

Pepper my sweet dog- about a 4 month old picture so she's more grown up now

Pepper my sweet dog- about a 4 month old picture so she

Comments and links from my wonderful readers. Check em out guys cuz they’re awesome!

My husband. He just makes me smile in general. Last night he went to bed before I could get the clean sheets on the bed and was a bit disgruntled when I woke him up to put them on until he felt the new 400 thread count sateen cotton sheet that was under him. He was a much less grumpy bear after that and I had to laugh at him because sometimes you just do.

My inlaws current laundry set up.

Warm weather washer

Warm weather washer

Its amazing how sometimes you don’t miss it till its gone. In this case its a washer. Ours was out for a long time and we finally got it back as my inlaws started a remodel thats been in the works and needed for 4 years now. My MIL needed to do laundry and laundry for 6 is hard to do at a laundry mat so this was their solution and it made me grin. See their house is like a 400 thousand plus dollar home and this is like the icing on the cake. She and I laughed about how it made us feel like we were back in Mexico where if they have electric washers, they go outside. Or at least they do in the small town we were in. And forget about electric OR gas dryers.

Having a washer again. Nuff said, right?

My fishies. I can watch them for great lengths of time because they are just so soothing and sweet. Seriously. My angelfish, Toi is especially friendly and it follows me around.


Another day another…. Oh heck post I guess

No money made today so I guess you’ll just have to be happy with a post from me instead. I was remarkably crafty today. I started a doll last night for the Mermaid Swap and finished her up today. I wish I could show you pictures but I want her to be a surprise for my partner so you’ll just have to wait. I enjoyed making her so much that I’ve decided to make her a couple of sisters and maybe add them to my Etsy shop. I don’t know for sure tho. I thought about it a while and realized that part of my lack of creative ability lately stems from the fact that I was trying way to hard to do something for someone else and not thinking about why I make the things I make– self expression. Well lacking pictures to show you, I can say that Sherry got her package which makes me happy. I really can’t say that I have much else to tell you so I won’t stay to chat. I grin each time someone leaves me a comment. Thank you Sherry and KathyD you guys are the best.

Getting a little fed up

With blogger deciding that it won’t let me in. How silly is that? I just want to ramble on a bit. I know that someone somewhere out there is looking at my page from time to time because once in a while the counter goes up when I’ve been away from the computer. Suckily enough it also goes up when I go to the home page but oh well– not much I can do about that I don’t think. I was responsible today and got the stinky bag of seashells from outside where I left it after we realized it was responsible for the odor in my backpack. I accidentally brought home some of the live shells along with the dead ones and boy do they smell…. sea-ish. Not exactly the scent I wanted to bring with me but it sure takes you right back to the beach in a hurry. I had fun sorting through them and washing them up. None of them were too brightly colored but they’re still beautiful nonetheless. And as ashamed as I am to say it, the ones that were still alive are the coolest because they’re so dainty and whole. Can anyone tell me how to add a comments section at the end of my posts? I realized that there were none and I thought maybe I’d get more feedback (duh) if there were. My email is littlesongbird17(at) and if you just put blog or something in the title somewhere I’ll figure it out. Thanks so much in advance.