Good Day :)

Had a really nice walk with my dogs in our field today. I haven’t had much energy since the advent of the baby so the mile or so that I rambled around in the field while my babies ran to their hearts’ content was wonderful. I sat on the ground and soaked up the sun and the warm (50 degrees or so) weather while they raced back and forth between me and their adventures.

They’ve grown so big in the past year- they’ll be a year old on Valentine’s day and they have grown to be such beautiful animals. This picture is Chowder (he’s my Chowder-head) and Betsie running to me on one of their rounds

We went down into the woods to get them a drink from the creek that runs through our property. This pool and waterfall (mostly dormant with this dry weather) is my favorite spot on our land, but thanks to poison ivy, its only accessible in the cold months so I always try to get out there several times in the winter and fall.

Turns out the dogs thought it was pretty cool too- they all went for a swim

On my walk back to the house I snapped this shot of one of the mini ponds that has sprung up in the terracing on the fields where the water collects when it rains. I love the way each one makes a beautiful oasis in a field otherwise covered in tall grasses. One such pond even boasts a tiny willow tree that has sprung up in the last couple of years.

I took these pictures with my cell phone because I didn’t take my camera along, but good news! My sweet husband must have found my lens when he was cleaning (doesn’t remember, but I know it wasn’t me) so that’s one less thing on my mind for Monday.


11-30-08-250copyWe had our dogs spayed back in November and kept them inside to make sure they healed right and all that good stuff. Aparently tho despite there being no evidence of it, my dog Pepper healed up externally but not internally because she split her sutures that had healed and dissappeared this morning. I was awake in our back bedroom on the computer when Jarell came up the stairs calling my name over and over and I ran out. He told me I needed to rush Pepper to the vet because her stomach was split open and she was bleeding all over the place and he didn’t think she was going to make it. I was strangely calm as I rushed into jeans and scooped up my purse and a ponytail to tame my bed head. I dropped Jarell off at his shop and J14 rode in the back with Pepper. I was still fairly calm but the spedomator said 68 or so in a 45 mph zone. We got the vet and they got her in and weighed and told me they’d get her sedated, cleaned up and sewed back up. I meanwhile was baffled and thankful and so very tired. I for the life of me cannot figure out how I missed that. The spot where the sutures were done had been completely healed up and there was no redness, no extreme heat that I could notice. Dogs naturally run warmer than humans so I would have had a hard time telling if she was too warm and I feel terrible. And she could run and go with the best of the other dogs- she’s got more energy than the other 4 put together. The only signs I saw that she might be in pain at any time were even somewhat deceiving. Since the day I brought her home she has been a bit of a baby about being picked up and she learned at a very early age that if she cried and carried on Mommy wouldn’t get mad when she did all the things that dogs aren’t supposed to do. So when I would scoot her across the floor because she refused to get out of the house (they’re strictly outdoor dogs) or grab the scruff of her neck to keep her from eating all the dog food instead of letting the other dogs eat and she’d yelp I assumed it was her Doggy Drama Queen act but now I’m not so sure. I’m sure she’ll be alright, but I’m worried and I feel guilty as always when an animal that counts on me to take care of them is injured. I think of all the mistakes I’ve made and feel like a terrible person especially when she was licking me while I was standing in the exam room with her as if she was comforting me. This dog is the worst behaved of all our dogs- she taught the others to dig under the fence and then to go over it, she hogs all the food and whether I put out 1 cup or 1 gallon she will try her damnedest to eat it all on her own while growling at the others to scare them off. She is also the only one who has learned to sit and shake. She looks at you with those big hound eyes of hers and tells you you’re and idiot and of course she’s the queen. Aaaaahhhh! Can’t wait to see the vet’s bill….

Redneck Girls

I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to decide how best to tell this story without offending anyone. There have been many mental rewrites to soften harsh facts and morbid truths but no matter how I try the truth cannot be disguised or made nice for the general public so I’m going to just lay the facts on the table and hope that those of you reading this will understand the motives behind my actions. Well maybe I’ll put it in story format……

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved animals more than anything. She hated even to kill bugs that invaded her living quarters (altho she made exceptions for mosquitoes and ants) preferring to transfer them outside or let someone else get rid of them. She grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, goats, chickens, rats, fish and mice and loved them all. As she grew up into a tenderhearted young woman her menagerie was narrowed down to 5 dogs and an assortment of fish. She loved those dogs as if they were her own children and even had an odd attachment to her finned friends.

This young woman was somewhat timid in the face of her own danger, but when it came to protecting her babies all fear disappeared, replaced by a vicious urge to protect at all costs. Fortunately there was little that threatened her dogs- she and her husband lived on a large acreage in the country and most of the animals in their vicinity were either friendly, slow, or more likely to become prey than predators. Added to that was the fact that her husband was a bit of a hunter and anything that might endanger their dogs would be taken care of by him rather than her lifting some of that burden from her mind.

Well as these things often go, the woman’s husband was away on a journey to work in a kingdom far on the other side of the country when danger presented itself in the form of a wild male dog who looked unkempt and unmannered. One of the female dogs was in heat because the woman and her husband had not had the money to get her fixed before she became old enough to draw outside menaces. So the girl was sitting in her house one night when she heard one of her dogs screaming and howling in pain. She ran outside to find the female hooked to the wild male dog in the inseparable position that dogs get into sometimes and her poor dog was half the size of the intruder. He was running around dragging her poor dog backwards on the ground because she wasn’t tall enough to stand up. The woman gently threatened the male dog and soothed her baby until the ordeal was over and then ran like a madwoman after the male, her neon pink bathrobe flapping in the night air, screaming threats that she would act on if she ever caught said male.

Fast forward two days. The woman’s dogs have dug three new holes under the fence and she has run out of things to keep them in the fence altho she believed them to be contained until she heard the howling begin again. She rushes outside in a different set of pajamas after being yanked from sleep by the noise and finds the same two dogs in the same position. She waits until they are unattached before chasing the dog and this time throwing badly aimed and entirely ineffective gravel at the animal’s retreating backside screaming at the top of her lungs.

Later in the afternoon after returning the dogs to their fence with a wish and a prayer she hears the dogs barking by the basement door- definitely not in their yard. She thinks fast and grabs her pink .22 and some ammunition and storms down the basement stairs in a murderous rage. As she assumed, the same male dog is there trying to reattach himself to her dog who has again performed a Houdini act and escaped from her fence along with all the other dogs.

The male trots off a ways while the girl loads a bullet in the gun and fires it into the air. He trots off a ways behind a shop and when she follows him he heads back towards her dogs and the house. She chases him again, firing shots away from the house and dogs in an attempt to scare him off. He is trotting leisurely away now and so she returns to the house and barely makes it inside before he is back. This is the final straw as far as she is concerned. Now she runs after him gun in hand and he seems to sense that she means business because he is moving a little faster. She stops, takes aim, and fires past him causing him to shy away from the bullets now aimed in his direction. He is moving faster now, but not fast enough for her satisfaction. She takes aim again at the ground under him and this causes him to jump. One final shot into the air above his head and he is off like a rocket and well out of range.

Now the girl sits in her craft room typing on the computer watching out the window for that damn dog.

I don’t ever condone violence or cruelty towards animals, but when they cause my animals pain and injure them (Pepper is limping and yelps if I touch her hips) they’re asking for trouble. No I was not aiming to kill or even hurt this dog- I have more self respect than that- but I was sure as hell aiming to scare the crap out of him. I want him to think twice about coming back onto our land and trying to screw my dog again. God I feel like a redneck! Especially with my pocket full of .22 ammo……

Things that make me smile

Someone found my blog by looking up “pee on” Well yes there is a post here about the time I got stung by a jellyfish and my sister in law said “Just let him pee on your leg- that will make it feel better.” Oddly enough this is not the first time someone has found me by looking up something about peeing on someone’s leg.

The song the Hampster Dance. When I was about 12 or so and the internet at home was still a relative novelty my dad called me into his office one night “Melissa c’mere you gotta see this” and there on the screen were dozens of dancing hampsters and my dad was smiling like a little kid. How can that not be a happy memory?

My dogs especially Pepper are sweet and crazy funny animals. Pepper has this look I call the “Hush Puppy” look because her lips curl up on her teeth when she closes her mouth so that she looks like the puppet from Lambchops Playalong. I don’t have a picture because she only does it when I don’t have a camera on me. She along with Tinkerbell, Lily, Pugsly, and Missy are the current doggie owners of my heart.

Pepper my sweet dog- about a 4 month old picture so she's more grown up now

Pepper my sweet dog- about a 4 month old picture so she

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My husband. He just makes me smile in general. Last night he went to bed before I could get the clean sheets on the bed and was a bit disgruntled when I woke him up to put them on until he felt the new 400 thread count sateen cotton sheet that was under him. He was a much less grumpy bear after that and I had to laugh at him because sometimes you just do.

My inlaws current laundry set up.

Warm weather washer

Warm weather washer

Its amazing how sometimes you don’t miss it till its gone. In this case its a washer. Ours was out for a long time and we finally got it back as my inlaws started a remodel thats been in the works and needed for 4 years now. My MIL needed to do laundry and laundry for 6 is hard to do at a laundry mat so this was their solution and it made me grin. See their house is like a 400 thousand plus dollar home and this is like the icing on the cake. She and I laughed about how it made us feel like we were back in Mexico where if they have electric washers, they go outside. Or at least they do in the small town we were in. And forget about electric OR gas dryers.

Having a washer again. Nuff said, right?

My fishies. I can watch them for great lengths of time because they are just so soothing and sweet. Seriously. My angelfish, Toi is especially friendly and it follows me around.

Slow goin

Well I haven’t been on here since Sunday but thats mostly because theres really nothing to report from the last several days. I had to run one of our wee littles to the vet on Monday because our four month old puppy thought the little guy was big enough to be a playmate and she rolled him all over the ground causing a severe bruise to his neck. It swelled all up with nasty gunk inside and the vet had to cut it open and de-gunkify it. Then we had to take him back today to get the wound drained again. Little Pugsly has been very well behaved through all of this and took it rather well. He just wants to play and I’m amazed by his resiliency. At four weeks old he’s rather remarkable. Today he got to share a nice big bowl of goats milk with J11’s kitty and he just thought that stuff was the bee’s knees. His mama is trying to ween him and his sibling as their little teeth turn into razors and so that milk was a nice treat I’m sure. He hasn’t quite figured regular food out yet but he tries. I’m sorta sorry we can’t keep this little guy but I decided I would not keep any males around and am going to attempt to stick to that resolve. Girls don’t get other girls pregnant is my simple logic. Obviously this isn’t a fool proof plan or we wouldn’t have the puppies in the first place but Tink got out of the house while she was in heat and ran off for a while and that as they say was that. This is a bit of a long rambling post for having nothing to say. I’ve got to go to the post office today and send Lolita to her new home. She goes with the story of her life and a little tag with her name on it and I’m a little sad to see her go, but its a good excuse to make a new little dolly and I think the next one is going to be the Littlest Voodoo doll. I have a mermaid that needs a top and bit more embellishment and she’ll be ready to go in the store. Check me out at guys and look the little ladies over.

So much Junk! err good stuff

So yesterday Jarell and I decided to start going thru the boxes of stuff I’ve had stored down there since last year when we got married. It was an interesting task. As I was going thru the stuff to try and get rid of some of it we had the brilliant plan to have a garage sale and suddenly things got easier. I was really into it and I picked up today where I left off yesterday. I found lots of craft goodies that I’d forgotten I even had and all my books that I’ve kept to re-read and now I can. O happy day. I found a choir trophy, some cool 70’s flowery fabric, TONS of pictures and so much more. It was like going through a flea market owned by an alter ego and any urge that may have been slowly creeping up on me to shop with nonexistent money has been put to rest yet again. The only sad thing is I’ve been using all those boxes as a quick fix whenever I felt the need to accumulate more stash. Instead of going shopping I’d go downstairs and dig through one box and bring a whole armload of stuff back upstairs. Now I don’t have that option so much as most of the really good stuff is now where it needs to be put away. On the upside, Jarell said the proceeds of the garage sale are all mine. This makes good sense since all the stuff in it was mine, but at the same time I feel like I should share with him as unselfishly as he shares with me. I’ll let you all know how that works out. 🙂 Until then I leave you with this old essay I found by a mysterious unknown author. I apologize in advance.

The Last Night
by Melissa Bacon

The thunder crashes and the winds howl outside, The sky is a mix of colors. Near the top it is a dark purple that slowly fades into pink and finally orange near the horizon. Inside it is cozy and dark. A fire, the only light, crackles cheerfully in the stove and the soft murmur of a single voice blends itself around the storm.
A small dog observes the peaceful scene, her black eyes clouded. Her breathing is labored and rasping. The television box that makes her bed seems to dwarf her shrunken body. Next to the box is a young girl. You hear a soft voice singing an old song. As you listen the voice wavers and pauses. The storm rages outside. Seeming to take courage from the tempest out of doors, the voice continues, stronger and more pure than before. A single tear lands on the faded blue blanket underneat the little dog.
The voice fails again and the girl looks around her. The weary green eyes search for a distraction. They fall on a dulcimer the color of honey. Suddenly the scene is animated. The girl scrambles to her feet and seizes up the instrument. Now the plaintive tones of “Amazing Grace” compete with the storm.
As the song winds to an end, it is followed by a hymn pulled from the depths of the girl’s memory. The fingers race along the fret board as if possessed. The little dog, however, appears oblivious. Abruptly the music ceases. The girl grasps a small log and tosses it deftly onto the fire. There is the sound of paper being crumpled and the fire roars to life as it consumes the light material. A soft sigh, followed by several sharp barks startles the girl out of her reverie. Once again the scene changes from a solemn still life to a quick movement. The girl is at the dog’s side fumbling for a syringe of water. With compassion she works the syringe into the now frantic dog’s mouth. The dog has yet to move, but some remaining reflex causes it to swallow convulsively. Even so, it isn’t long before you hear the cries again.
A man appears. He walks into the room and drops down next to the sobbing girl. They pet the small dog. Eventually it is silent, the energy seemingly spent at the moment. Mouth closed, the dog seems to rest. From outside comes a new sound. It is the sound of more dogs and you see headlights. The girl slowly rises and gives the dog one last pat before she heads out into the storm. The little dog gives a few more piercing barks and slowly fades into silence. The once labored breathing falters and finally ceases. The man sighs and closes her now unseeing eyes one last time. Outside the storm rages on.

Sproing!!! Sproing Sproing

No I’m not completely mental, just a little bit. I’m just happy because spring seems to finally be showing its little head around my house. I went outside today to check on my babies and as they were running and jumping after I let them out of the fence I decided to investigate my bulb plantings. And I am ecstatic to say that many of them are grinning up at me from above the ground. There were hyacinths, lilies, irises, and grape hyacinths along with the ever present wild garlic all topside now. No actual flowers but lots of green that wasn’t there two weeks ago and the hyacinth is even going so far as to have buds showing. I’m absolutely in heaven because that is definitely one of my favorite smells in the whole world. Jasmine, roses, wisteria, hyacinths, irises, freesia and gardenias all make me smile for hours. On a stranger note, I’m beginning to be a bit suspicious of Tink’s marked weight gain over the last few weeks. I can’t say anything for sure but she seems to be getting wider and I’m a bit nervous that the increase may mean puppies. I’d be happy but Jarell maybe probably would not. Little Pepper is getting bigger but I realized the other day that she’s the same age now as Tink was when we got her and only about half the size. This may not seem that odd, but Tink only got a little bit bigger and is a very diminuitive Labrabor by most standards. I’m hoping this means that Pepper will be small because big dogs are a little harder to contain. She might be Beagle which Jarell would like. We’ll see I guess. But thats enough about flowers and puppy dogs for now. I’m off to do something productive.