Responsible me

Woo hoo I got my three finished swaps off in the mail today. I’m proud of myself because I have a tendency to be a bit of a procrastinator sometimes. I just have bookmarks to make now altho I need to do some work on stuff for my etsy account. The puppies are even more beautiful today then they were yesterday and I should have some pictures soon. I took one of Tink all curled up with them yesterday, but with them being all as black as she is (except for Navin) it just came out looking like an oddly disformed dog. Hehehe. I will go for now, but want to remind you all to check out my swap. For obvious reasons, (no one seems interested) I have extended the sign-up date and sent the info over to the swap-dex.
Until next time
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the creative phase

Since I got home from ye olde Florida I’ve been kinda stuck with regards to craftiness. I would get temporary inspiration only to have it fizzle into nothing. Well that seems to finally have lifted. Last night I was on a roll thanks to this new Enchanted Swap and when I finally went to bed I had visions of different projects flashing every time I closed my eyes. At that point I really shouldn’t have stopped but it was Jarell’s birthday and I wanted to spend some time with him before he fell asleep. I think I’ll be okay this morning tho cuz I’m just itching to get back to work. But first some pictures of various stuff. Some dogs, fabric from the Jo Ann’s trip, my space, and a very vintage pin cushion that belonged to my grandmother. Oh and the PITA picture I painted for Jarell’s birthday.

Lazy Saturday mornings

I’m sitting here fuming at my computer ready to tell microsoft to take window’s vista and shove it violently where the sun don’t shine. It’s screwing with everything and it sucks. But oh well. I’m re-watching Enchanted to reaquaint myself with it for the swap and thoroughly enjoying it. I want the fabric they used for her dress of curtains for my stash and I think a trip to Joanns is in order for today. However I need to go to the store and get my poor baby doggies some food and that most definitely needs to come first.
So I leave you with, “No. I’m looking for a prince actually.”

Stupid Blogger

I don’t know if it was my computer or blogger but it hasn’t wanted to let me post in the last several days. I have managed to persevere somedays but others I just decided it wasn’t worth it. Today after several tries I got in but I don’t have much to say. I spent the day outside yesterday for the most part. I played with our dogs, I’m almost certain Tink is with puppy but I love puppies so I don’t mind. My darling dearest had a concert last night at the city park but it was so stinkin cold that things did not really go well. I felt bad for my brother in law because he stayed for the whole thing and it ended up being a 5 and a half hour long affair. Blech. We came home after they played and watched Dan in Real Life. I had seen it in theaters but enjoyed watching it again. The combination of Juliette Binoche who is a beautiful person and Steve Carell, a wonderful comedian and actor, was nice for a quiet evening in. On a disappointing note, my digital camera seems to have gone MIA so I’m going to have to call the hotel where we stayed in Florida to see if they found it.

Another long day with lots and lots of pictures and very little craftiness

Well yesterday we went to the Magic Kingdom– the sappiest err happiest place on earth. It had some cool stuff but in reality I was more impressed with Epcot. I did enjoy the haunted mansion and the river ride but everything was just too stinking crowded. We did stay to watch the 10 o’clock fireworks and they were beautiful but I really preferred the Epcot show. But thats alright because I got to watch a guy making those awesome blown glass bowls and vases and now I swear I have a new purpose in life– burning myself on glass 🙂 I was absolutely so fascinated that I forgot to take pictures. My brief moment of crafting was culminated by helping to finish applying the skull and crossbones to J11’s hat. I bought a couple of overpriced charms that I may do something with and got a great deal yesterday on a huge pack of scrapbook paper so I should have lots of fun when we get home. Oh how I can’t wait to go home. I’m tired of being dragged around amusement parks where I’m bored and not getting to do anything I want to do because its boring. On a high note we may be going somewhere very interesting today but more on that later. So til then I will leave you with a project. Think of something you enjoy doing that is something you’ve loved your whole life and tell me how you got started on it–specifically who got you started on it. You may be surprised who was inspiring. I know when I thought about it I was. Just post it on your blog and leave me a comment about it.

Devil in Disguise

I got up this morning and worked on my little demoness that I showed you the other day and boy am I glad I did. Today she finally decided to introduce herself. I had been worried that she might be shy but as it turns out she’s just a little stuck up. (In a good way I promise.) Her name is Lolita and she’s a regular little siren. She started singing Elvis’ “Devil in Disguise” and explained to me that she was the muse behind that song. She was down south and thought she’d play a few pranks since thats what demons do. She really didn’t plan to be a muse but word got out about her after that song was written and she went into seclusion for a while forsaking all thing corporeal. Recently she decided that most of the hubbub had died down enough to come back to this world and so she sneaked into my head while I was showering one morning.
She will be for sale in my etsy shop at Go check her out.