Updates and maybe some laughs

Pepper is finally home. The story is that the asshole vet wouldn’t let us take her home on Saturday without payment in full because ten years ago one of his vets killed one of my sister in law’s horses and then my MIL and FIL refused to pay for the malpractice that the idiot committed. He was trying to tube feed a horse and he said the thing wasn’t working but my MIL was standing there telling him that the horse’s stomach was swelling and then the poor animal’s stomach exploded when he kept pumping it full of food. As amazing as this sounds, the vet still wanted to charge my in-laws 650 bucks after all of that. Less than 20 minutes of failed treatment and the vet who did this is still working there now. So when the vet saw our last name he refused to allow us to make payments of any sort even tho it was obviously an unplanned emergency and on top of that he charged us 15 dollars a night until we could afford to bring her home. I couldn’t trust myself to right about this calmly at the time so I just tried to keep in mind that she would be taken care of by proffesionals and it would be better for her to be in their care then in at our house.


Well Jarell brought her home yesterday and she was tottering around as if she hadn’t moved in a week and knowing the bastard vet he probably had her in a cage much too small as further punishment to us. She’s lost a lot of weight- she was 40 when I took her in there and now she’s down to closer to 30 or 35 and skin and bones. Now I know this sounds like I’m over reacting, but this man didn’t know when we were coming in there to pick her up last Saturday and yet when we got there his staff had been instructed to send us to him if we had any questions about payment. When we went to see him he knew the exact amount that was owed to him by my in-laws and told us what it was as if it was somehow our fault. Apparently not too long ago he saw my MIL in a store and harrassed her about how she still owed him money. And I swear to god I would never darken their door again if it weren’t for the fact that Pepper has stitches that need to come out in a week. As it is, I plan to make sure word gets out about this vindictive man and his questionable business ethics. The fact that they refused to see a cat of my sister- in-law’s that had been hit by a car because of who her parents were requiring a trip to their regular vet 40 miles away. The trouble we had. And of course the information about that poor horse.

So now having written all that, I re-hee-heally need to laugh so here you go.

Things heard in our house that sound dirty but actually aren’t

  • “Charlie is a little fat titty.” -My 3 y/o nephew describing J11’s kitten
  • “Four play works but not for very long.” -J13 talking about getting all 4 controllers to work on the Wii

Things heard in our house that are dirty but just sound weird

  • “I would, but I don’t want to put my hands on anything that might be in my mouth later.” -Jarell commenting on my suggestion of strip ping pong. (because of playing with a ping pong ball that kept landing on the floor)

Things heard in our house that are just plain strange

  • “I need a good sock to blow my nose on. Cuz they keep in 99.9% of the snot.” -Jarell being manly

And now with that delightful image, I bid you all good night.


11-30-08-250copyWe had our dogs spayed back in November and kept them inside to make sure they healed right and all that good stuff. Aparently tho despite there being no evidence of it, my dog Pepper healed up externally but not internally because she split her sutures that had healed and dissappeared this morning. I was awake in our back bedroom on the computer when Jarell came up the stairs calling my name over and over and I ran out. He told me I needed to rush Pepper to the vet because her stomach was split open and she was bleeding all over the place and he didn’t think she was going to make it. I was strangely calm as I rushed into jeans and scooped up my purse and a ponytail to tame my bed head. I dropped Jarell off at his shop and J14 rode in the back with Pepper. I was still fairly calm but the spedomator said 68 or so in a 45 mph zone. We got the vet and they got her in and weighed and told me they’d get her sedated, cleaned up and sewed back up. I meanwhile was baffled and thankful and so very tired. I for the life of me cannot figure out how I missed that. The spot where the sutures were done had been completely healed up and there was no redness, no extreme heat that I could notice. Dogs naturally run warmer than humans so I would have had a hard time telling if she was too warm and I feel terrible. And she could run and go with the best of the other dogs- she’s got more energy than the other 4 put together. The only signs I saw that she might be in pain at any time were even somewhat deceiving. Since the day I brought her home she has been a bit of a baby about being picked up and she learned at a very early age that if she cried and carried on Mommy wouldn’t get mad when she did all the things that dogs aren’t supposed to do. So when I would scoot her across the floor because she refused to get out of the house (they’re strictly outdoor dogs) or grab the scruff of her neck to keep her from eating all the dog food instead of letting the other dogs eat and she’d yelp I assumed it was her Doggy Drama Queen act but now I’m not so sure. I’m sure she’ll be alright, but I’m worried and I feel guilty as always when an animal that counts on me to take care of them is injured. I think of all the mistakes I’ve made and feel like a terrible person especially when she was licking me while I was standing in the exam room with her as if she was comforting me. This dog is the worst behaved of all our dogs- she taught the others to dig under the fence and then to go over it, she hogs all the food and whether I put out 1 cup or 1 gallon she will try her damnedest to eat it all on her own while growling at the others to scare them off. She is also the only one who has learned to sit and shake. She looks at you with those big hound eyes of hers and tells you you’re and idiot and of course she’s the queen. Aaaaahhhh! Can’t wait to see the vet’s bill….

Slow goin

Well I haven’t been on here since Sunday but thats mostly because theres really nothing to report from the last several days. I had to run one of our wee littles to the vet on Monday because our four month old puppy thought the little guy was big enough to be a playmate and she rolled him all over the ground causing a severe bruise to his neck. It swelled all up with nasty gunk inside and the vet had to cut it open and de-gunkify it. Then we had to take him back today to get the wound drained again. Little Pugsly has been very well behaved through all of this and took it rather well. He just wants to play and I’m amazed by his resiliency. At four weeks old he’s rather remarkable. Today he got to share a nice big bowl of goats milk with J11’s kitty and he just thought that stuff was the bee’s knees. His mama is trying to ween him and his sibling as their little teeth turn into razors and so that milk was a nice treat I’m sure. He hasn’t quite figured regular food out yet but he tries. I’m sorta sorry we can’t keep this little guy but I decided I would not keep any males around and am going to attempt to stick to that resolve. Girls don’t get other girls pregnant is my simple logic. Obviously this isn’t a fool proof plan or we wouldn’t have the puppies in the first place but Tink got out of the house while she was in heat and ran off for a while and that as they say was that. This is a bit of a long rambling post for having nothing to say. I’ve got to go to the post office today and send Lolita to her new home. She goes with the story of her life and a little tag with her name on it and I’m a little sad to see her go, but its a good excuse to make a new little dolly and I think the next one is going to be the Littlest Voodoo doll. I have a mermaid that needs a top and bit more embellishment and she’ll be ready to go in the store. Check me out at www.whitecoralbelles.etsy.com guys and look the little ladies over.