More freebies

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity- Michigan and back (every bit as miserable as I anticipated, but with my dad coming home in a separate car, the trip back by myself was bliss) followed by a week of frantic preparation so we could go camping for a week with a 3 day long family reunion at the end of it all. Then a week of recovery and slow cleanup and now I’m starting to get back in the swing of things. And, since I have only 2 short weeks left of my summer vacation, I am lazing about as much as possible. I have plans to retake some senior pictures for a girl this week, and then on the 17th after classes start back up again, I have another scheduled photo session, but my main focus right now is back on getting wedding stuff sorted out.

I scored a remarkable deal on a huge pack of 12×12 scrapbooking paper from Michaels a couple of weeks ago (it cost me about 14 cents a page instead of a dollar a pop) and that will be worked into flowers and other decorations for the ceremony and reception. I spent yesterday designing cupcake toppers and since I’ve been the recipient of so many wonderful freebies from other blogs, I want to share them here with all of you.

Our wedding theme is ‘enchanted forest’ but I could never leave it at just that because as beautiful as that would be, it wouldn’t cover all the bases as far as our personalities go. We both love cars, and all things vintage (Jarell wishes we lived in Mayberry) and as such I’m paying homage to that wish with the plan to use old china and mason jars in our decorations. I also want to include our love of cars both old and new and to cover that, I’m making cupcake toppers. The pictures done so far are a couple of classic cars and a line tracing of Jarell’s beloved ’79 Blazer (its his Zombie Patrol Vehicle). I’m going to share these with you to use as you please. The classic cars were coloring pages that I filled in with Photoshop and the Blazer is my own design based on a picture of the real deal. I only ask that you not  sell these. Give credit where credit is due and all that good stuff. If you like these, feel free to use them for your own purposes and feel free to link to my site to send others here to find them. To download the pdf’s click on the individual pictures and they will take you to the page where you can download them.

Have fun and enjoy!