Working around the house

This week has been a week for working around the house. We started on the installation of our bathtub in our master bathroom (at long last- it’s only been 16 months!) which had me thinking of other things I could start remedying around here. One of my big pet peeves in the spring and fall is our sliding glass door in the kitchen. We live in a modular home that was built on a basement instead of a slab which left our back doors hanging in the breeze so to speak. No big deal really, but a couple of years ago the sliding screen door came off of it’s track and rather than just being a nuisance that needed to be reinstalled, the fall broke the frame and that meant no more screen to keep the bugs out. I love opening up that door to get a nice cross breeze going, but I HATE the wasps, mosquitoes and worst of all flies that invite themselves in as if they owned the place. Bugs the heck outta me (pun totally intended!)

So when I saw the handy dandy magnetic screen door come up as an option for a product review, I knew just what I wanted to do with it and that’s now on our list of to-do’s while the weather is nice (nice being in the mid-50’s- It’s January in Missouri so we’ll take it!) Tomorrow I’m going to get the mister to grab a ladder and we’re going to install this lovely contraption on the outside of the sliding door frame and take advantage of the fresh air that will be filtering through oh so nice and bug free (It’s January, but there are still a few flies hanging around) to help knock out the cold bugs that have been hanging around inside!

This screen is really a sturdy, high-quality material. I’m definitely impressed with the construction and materials. The velcro sewn around the edges gives it added strength and the mesh is tough. I tugged on it a few times to get a feel for the durability of the seams and material and it didn’t give at all which is just what I was hoping for. We will be installing it on the exterior of our house so I’m curious to see how the adhesive on the velcro hooks holds up, but that’s not really so much of a concern for me as I know Jarell will probably add a few screws as a backup (because he never does anything halfway. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here. If you decide it looks like something you want to try out, Premium Choice Products has sent me a coupon code for you to use for half off your purchase price. Simply follow this link and use the coupon code, YYYGPCCI at checkout. It’s definitely worth $10 to try it out and I will be buying a second one for our basement entrance.