Christmas is coming

I’ve been crafting up a storm getting ready for Christmas, but despite the fact that I’m supposed to be a photographer, you wouldn’t know it because I just haven’t been taking pictures much and the few that I have are taken with my cell which makes for less than quality pics. So because I love you my wonderful (albeit mostly silent *hint hint*) readers, I decided to dig up the camera, find my lenses, and take some pictures. I took pictures of all the hair and jewelry pieces I’ve made and as a bonus, I got shots of our newly remodeled guest room just for giggles. The crafty shots don’t include then knitted items I’ve made, but that’s because the ones that are finished have already been wrapped.

If you’ve seen the show, The Walking Dead, you will appreciate the significance of these ears, but if not, I’ll let you assume that I’m just crazy and decided to make my husband a necklace of ears….

$150 bed from Craigslist equals a beautiful guest room that seems almost too good to be true not to mention nicer than my own bedroom set *sighs*

Pardon the blurry shot- ornaments and paper cut outs hanging in a frame from an old mirror courtesy of my step-mom

Who would want to leave a room with a tv this nice? I need to figure out how to hide the cords, but I love it.

I would so sleep in this room myself if it weren’t for the fact that the paint is still off-gassing and its probably not a good idea given that I’m incubating a tiny being. (I’ve got another ultrasound appointment early tomorrow morning so we’ll be one step closer to discovering if it is a human or alien being)

So the pictures are not even remotely what I’d consider photographer quality, but nevertheless, they are pictures 🙂

Where’d it go?

My energy I mean.  I knew getting pregnant would wear me out, but I always thought it would be at the end when I was lugging around a whole lot of extra weight due to the baby. Strike two for secrets that not pregnant women (or maybe its just me?) don’t learn until they experience these things for themselves. I’m waiting impatiently for the moment when my energy levels and ability eat return to normal. Sleeping all day would totally be an option right now if it weren’t for the fact that I know I need to take my prenatal vitamins and eat something to take care of the baby.

At this point, I’m a bit skeptical about the exact form this infant will take. Looking at the sonogram above, I’d be more willing to bet on alien or tiny black blob, than baby. In case you can’t tell, the little black blob in the middle of all the white is apparently the baby blob. I’ll hopefully have more to show here in another week.