I did it again!

I made it thru after umpteen tries and here I am to tell you that there is really nothing new to report. I’ve begun a doll with a puzzle piece shape inspired by a toy shelf in the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. (http://www.magorium.com) She has a Dotee doll face because I’ve been dying to use one of those, and so far has a beaded bird on her front. I’d gladly post a picture but in the same week I doused my phone in water, killing the camera, and accidentally left our digital camera in Florida. Its return is pending. So no pics for a while. I’m also working on a couple more of those hanging candle holders that I have in my etsy shop but the posting of them will again have to wait till I have a functioning camera. Sucks that we lost the charger for our really awesome Kodak EZ share because I’d be in photo heaven if I had that thing running. But we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to spend $4o on a new charger yet. *sigh* On the garden front I planted some tulips, more grape hyacinths, a stargazer lily, some mixed basil seed, and some tomato seed outside yesterday. I’ve got to get them watered today but its a definite start on the outdoor garden. I’ve got to wait on my dad to do the big one but I bought a lot of seeds to go in it. I’m going to have a pumpkin and ornamental squash patch along with like three different kinds of zucchini (who doesn’t love zucchini, right?) and cantaloupes too. I haven’t got any watermelon seed yet but I will before too long. Do I seem a bit obsessed? Well I am. Growing things is like breathing for me– necessary. In a way its another form of creation with an outdoor twist. I love the feeling of knowing that the things that come out of my garden will feed my family and friends and hopefully cut down on our expenses just a little. I plan to learn to can and I may ask to borrow my dad’s dehydrator because I’m expecting a lot from my garden this year. I just hope we don’t let each other down. On that note, I’ll leave you to contemplate other things, but I hope to be back tomorrow if I can make this machine work.


Almost back home

Well no not really but we’ll be going home the day after tomorrow. We’re going to Seaworld today maybe which will be fun but if we don’t I’ll be okay with that too. I’m happy because yesterday I went to a bead store called Black Market Minerals and got a bunch of beads including some really cool magnetic beads. It’ll fun to play with them and I already have a design for a choker planned for some of the shell beads and teardrop pearls. They had sets of 10 magnetic beads for sale as clasps for 4.50 and they had whole strings for sale of the same beads for 4.50 so needless to say I bought the whole string. I’ll try to post pictures later but I’m not making promises because I’ve procrastinated before 🙂 Until later,