Slow goin

Well I haven’t been on here since Sunday but thats mostly because theres really nothing to report from the last several days. I had to run one of our wee littles to the vet on Monday because our four month old puppy thought the little guy was big enough to be a playmate and she rolled him all over the ground causing a severe bruise to his neck. It swelled all up with nasty gunk inside and the vet had to cut it open and de-gunkify it. Then we had to take him back today to get the wound drained again. Little Pugsly has been very well behaved through all of this and took it rather well. He just wants to play and I’m amazed by his resiliency. At four weeks old he’s rather remarkable. Today he got to share a nice big bowl of goats milk with J11’s kitty and he just thought that stuff was the bee’s knees. His mama is trying to ween him and his sibling as their little teeth turn into razors and so that milk was a nice treat I’m sure. He hasn’t quite figured regular food out yet but he tries. I’m sorta sorry we can’t keep this little guy but I decided I would not keep any males around and am going to attempt to stick to that resolve. Girls don’t get other girls pregnant is my simple logic. Obviously this isn’t a fool proof plan or we wouldn’t have the puppies in the first place but Tink got out of the house while she was in heat and ran off for a while and that as they say was that. This is a bit of a long rambling post for having nothing to say. I’ve got to go to the post office today and send Lolita to her new home. She goes with the story of her life and a little tag with her name on it and I’m a little sad to see her go, but its a good excuse to make a new little dolly and I think the next one is going to be the Littlest Voodoo doll. I have a mermaid that needs a top and bit more embellishment and she’ll be ready to go in the store. Check me out at guys and look the little ladies over.


Another day another…. Oh heck post I guess

No money made today so I guess you’ll just have to be happy with a post from me instead. I was remarkably crafty today. I started a doll last night for the Mermaid Swap and finished her up today. I wish I could show you pictures but I want her to be a surprise for my partner so you’ll just have to wait. I enjoyed making her so much that I’ve decided to make her a couple of sisters and maybe add them to my Etsy shop. I don’t know for sure tho. I thought about it a while and realized that part of my lack of creative ability lately stems from the fact that I was trying way to hard to do something for someone else and not thinking about why I make the things I make– self expression. Well lacking pictures to show you, I can say that Sherry got her package which makes me happy. I really can’t say that I have much else to tell you so I won’t stay to chat. I grin each time someone leaves me a comment. Thank you Sherry and KathyD you guys are the best.

Saturdays at home

It’s April 12th everybody and here in Missouri central, it is snowing. It isn’t sticking, but it is definitely snowing. I can’t say how I feel about this because we were kinda short of snow this year, but I love spring and all the green things too. I worry that it will kill all my bulb plants like it did last year tho and that is not a happy thought. We got our other camera in the mail today which is a good thing because I seem to have lost the good Kodak. Not sure how I managed this but I did. Anyway, getting the camera gives me the opportunity to take some pics of my swap items and my stuff that I have been half heartedly working on for etsy. I have been embroidering a doll all over, but I don’t know where I’m going with it. Right now its just a bunch of random swilrs and a flower and spider web looking thingy. Strange, yes? I also have the puzzled doll that never got any further than the beaded bird on her front. I’ve been sidetracked by so many other things that this is kinda taking a back burner. I think I may try some other things like painting and air dry clay and such. I’m not sure yet. But my dolls haven’t really gotten a very strong response as of yet.
Well shoot just turned the camera on and it appears to be shot. What the heck? Its just got a white screen with a black line down the middle. So much for that idea. Off to find the kodak.

I am so very happy

I know I know this is post number three and to answer your question, no I don’t have a life and no I don’t have anything else better to do. So sue me. I’m just so happy because my etsy shop just had its very first sale today and I’m jumping up and down (inside anyway that would be bad to do while typing) about it!!!! Thank you Faith so very much! Oh and the monkey bread was mmm mmm delicious.

Hello Again

Hello my darling invisibles its me again. I was up at a (for me anyway) ridiculous hour this morning because I’m so close to finishing my flip flop dolly for my niece whose birthday was yesterday. Fortunately for my inherent procrastinator self the party isn’t till Saturday and I did finish the hair yesterday and one of the faces. I just have the blonde to give an identity to now. I must say that as much of a pain as she was to make, ( I hate hate HAtE sewing shirts for dolls because I never can quite get them right) I’m rather pleased with the end result. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make a male version of these for my etsy account and it just came to me that I can make trench coats or wizards robes for them! How brilliant. With the world being all about Harry Potter right now and being a huge fan of him myself, it just might work. Not that I care what the world thinks, because they’re my art after all aren’t they? I will post some quick cell phone pics of miss dolly here because I didn’t get any of the apron I made for my dad whose birthday was also yesterday. It was an inspiration if I do say so myself. Darling husband has a thing for guns and growing up with a former military father, I always enjoyed shooting things too. So I made a barbecue apron for my dad and was stumped for what to put on it. I couldn’t use spongebob like I did for mine and Jarell’s aprons because…. well just because. Then on our way to get groceries I asked Jarell what he thought I should use and he said, “Kill em all and let god sort em out,” to which I replied, “not for an apron goofball.” Then he thought about it for I swear 2 seconds and replied, “Cook em all and let your guests sort em out. And put the little skull with the cross bones wearing a chef’s hat.” And I was hooked. I changed the cross bones for crossed spatula’s and the rest as they say was history. It was really pretty cute and I’m thinking of making a matching grill tools tote thingy for father’s day.

New to this site

I’m new to this blog but thought I’d give it a shot since none of my myspace friends seem particularly interested in hearing about me melting plastic bags a la etsylabs or about my little dolls scrapbooking etc. So I will try for a new audience and see what happens. My name is Melissa altho thanks to a clever random comment from my mom I have taken upon myself the moniker of HellesBelles. In other places I am known as littlesongbird17/86 or songbird86 or more recently whitecoralbelles but since there are so many names that amuse me I find it hard to choose just one. Its similar in my real life where as a newly wed of almost a year I’m still receiving items in my maiden name along with things to my married self. Its really quite confusing but c’est la vie, n’est ce pas? I have an etsy account that I’m still a bit uncertain about but its a work in progress. Its located at if you should happen to be interested but bear in mind the earlier stated work in progress comment. That said allow me to introduce myselves. I am a young female living in what is possibly one of the most meteorologically diverse states in this nation, Missouri. It was 75 on Sunday followed by a brisk 22 on Tuesday and today I haven’t seen the temp but its neither one of those. I have two and a half dogs since a) one is technically not ours she just resides here with a temporary permanancy and/or b) one is a 9 0r 10 week old puppy of unknown origins. They choose to be named Missy, Tinkerbell, and Pepper and are the queens of this 70 acres on which we live. I am as I mentioned earlier a newly wed and in fact our anniversary is on the 14th so we’ve almost made it through a whole year. Hooray! I have two younger brothers, two step-brothers, one step-sister, and 16 brothers and sisters in law. Yipes! My husband is the middle of 14 children and since his parents are currently in Mexico for their business we are taking care of the younger 4 kids ages 12, 14, 14, and 16. It is I must say a strange feeling being a semi surrogate parent to teenagers having been one myself not so long ago.
When it comes to crafting, anything goes. I sew, scrapbook, draw, paint with acrylics on several surfaces, knit, crochet, and do strange things with random bits and ends when I find them. I can never say for sure what will catch my eye next but I often liken myself to a magpie who has tumbled into Aladins cave of wonders— so many of shiny objects, so little time. I won’t post any projects today because the kids are starting to microwave frozen burritos and that does not count as a healthy meal in this house. I must go make my copycat panera bread cheesy brocolli soup. Yum!!