Mini Heat Wave

Missouri has been weird this year weather-wise and til today I was totally fine with that. The warm weather has sped up germination in the garden and warmed the ground enough for me to get all my warm season seeds in without worrying about losing them which, as I get bigger, has been a real blessing. The further along I get (just passed the 26 week mark on Monday) and the bigger I get, the harder it is to work with the hoe and rake to get the weeds out. The garden is so big that its a multiple day task just to get through it all and I have to take days off in between thanks to my screwy hips. All of this makes me incredibly thankful for the warm weather since it means I can get stuff done now rather than waiting another month when I will really be uncomfortable at the rate things are going. I keep telling this little girl to take it easy on her mama, but she’s got a mind of her own ;).

Despite being thankful for the warmth that has allowed me to get so much done, today I decided I’m not loving 90 degrees in April. At 7 this morning I was already uncomfortable even with the air conditioner running and temps outside cooler than inside. I’m uncomfortably warm now sitting still doing absolutely nothing and not very hopeful that things will get better at the rate things are going. I’m actually looking forward to the chilly weather on Saturday. I’m shooting a wedding for my husband’s best friend and the temps are supposed to be in the mid-60’s and I’m thinking its sounds like heaven. Big change from 2 days ago when I was worried I’d be too cold *grins*

I have been productive today even with the heat kicking my butt. I’ve been sewing up a storm, trying to get elastic in diapers for Little Bit. Its a tedious process, but I am excited as I finish each one to see one more cute little fitted diaper ready to go. I made soakers and wipes this morning as well and even made a little skirty soaker (fun fact: soakers can be liners or covers!- who knew?!)

This is the little skirty. Its a little wonky- very very hard to get into those tiny spaces, but I’m pretty proud of it for a first attempt. I have a feeling it will be way too tiny, but I’m also assuming this little girl will be at least 8 pounds like her mama and daddy were so we’ll see.

Speaking of being productive, I’m going to get back to work. Jarell is in Iowa again so I don’t have to worry about being in his way with all the sewing stuff. Dinner tonight is going to be steak (that I cooked last night) with wilted baby bok choy from the garden. Another sad downside of the weather is my poor bok choy is already bolting so I need to get it eaten up. It sure tastes good tho!


6 months

How did that happen?? I look over at my drafts folder and see the 16 weeks post still sitting there half finished and unpublished and can’t imagine how 16 weeks suddenly turned into 6 months. Its been a crazy roller coaster lately with everything going on- family drama (isn’t there always?) finding out about my new niece or nephew who should arrive on the scene about 4 months after my little angel gets here, school work, gardening, and even a bit of photography (not much, but a little).

  • I’m happy to say at my appointment with my midwife yesterday I was up 5 pounds from the last visit- a nice surprise when I had been steadily losing weight, but it does mean I’m going to finally have to start watching what I eat a bit to avoid gaining too fast or too much. I’m cool with that tho.
  • Baby is moving like all the time now- she kicks low and punches high or she drums with double kicks and cymbal crashes just like daddy and some days she just lays against my pelvis and I love all of it.
  • Gardening is wearing me out, but seems to be helping with the exercise requirements- my midwife gave me the thumbs up on that as well as getting to go swimming at the lake when we’re there in a couple of months (and I can’t wait to be there!!!)
  • My most recent crazy was beginning to tel my mother in law what the strangest pregnancy symptom was and the promptly forgetting it… and I still can’t remember! So I guess whatever I was going to say, it must not have been as weird as my selective amnesia lately.
  • My husband has been incredibly supportive of me lately- even more so than usual and I just can’t get enough of how caring and wonderful he is. The further my pregnancy progresses, the more he does to help me with everything and I can’t wait to be able to see him holding his little girl in his arms.

So much to be thankful for!