Its coming, its coming!!! Halloween is coming!!

For those of you new to this blog, you may not realize that I am obsessed with the holidays, but Halloween in particular is my favorite time of year. People who come to my house have been known to comment on the decorations around the house…. year round. Decorations like the skulls in my potpourri vases, the skeletal fingers too, skulls on the speakers with ravens atop them, spiders and roaches in the wine glasses that adorn my mantle. Honestly I’ve got something creepy in almost every room of my house and some rooms more than others. I take them for granted because I love all things creepy, but it always makes me grin when someone else comments on them.

As a way to get ready, I thought I’d link back to a few of my previous projects from here (since most are not exactly tutorials) to give me some inspiration and share with you a few ideas as well.

Then I realized that all you have to do is click on the tag ‘Halloween’ to the right hand side of this blog and it will take you to all my Halloween related posts. You can even watch the changes in the quality of my photography 😉

Happy Haunting! I’ll be back soon (I hope) with some new projects for this year’s party.


Belated Halloween post

I know this year has been  a little behind in terms of holiday stuff. School keeps me busy and I’m feeling foggy lately due to my meds that I had to take for my tooth (which is doing better btw yay!) But I wanted to put up a few pictures from our party including the reveal of my costume for this year. My inspiration came from the Starz show Spartacus and I made myself a Roman style dress.

This is Richi and her best friend who also happens to be one of my new awesome friends. We’ve put together our own three muskateers group. Its fun.

J12 with his zombie baby- even zombies are good parents lol

J14 trying to eat the brains of J13’s girlfriend.

J14 in all her zombie glory.

Zombie Jesus… yeah I promise it wasn’t my idea….

My mother in law the pool shark lol

Me in all my barefoot costumed glory.  (don’t ask where my shoes were because at that point, I have no idea but I swear I wasn’t drinking so …. well actually I’m not sure if that’s better or worse)

And then I got into the fake blood I made because it was corn syrup and cherry koolaid mix and really pretty yummy.

And then… then I decided, I may as well really get into it and added a bunch of gore.

Here’s all the zombie crew and our heroes as well. Jarell in full commando gear with his SPAS.

My nephew in his post Halloween sale 90% off Luigi costume.

The rest of these were taken by my sister in law. It was a nice treat knowing that I would have pictures of the party without having to stress over everything else I had to do.

Jen (one of the muskateer’s) and her date

A friend of the family and J12 pre zombie makeup

One of my favorite decorations that I made the year before last

J14 eating brains again lol

Well folks, that’s about all for my post Halloween…. post

Thankfuls? well….

I’m way behind so I’ll do a few.

  1. I’m thankful that for now at least I don’t have to have another root canal
  2. I’m thankful that I’m almost done with the antibiotics because they make me sick to my stomach and make me dizzy *sigh*
  3. I’m thankful to have propane because the weather just decided to get cold on us.
  4. I’m thankful for Jarell. Yeah I know that’s a repeat, but we stayed up into the wee hours last night just talking about our lives and how we got where we are, sharing memories from when we first met, and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy.
  5. I’m thankful for my dad who is an awesome mechanic and is fixing a car up for me. Is that another repeat? I can’t remember lol
  6. I’m thankful that I know how to knit because I’m working on Christmas presents and its awesome knowing that I can make beautiful presents for a small amount of money which, with our budget this year, it very helpful.
  7. I’m thankful for awesome new friends and all the old ones who are in my life as well.

That should about catch me up, right?



Halloween Projects

I’ve been working on various projects for Halloween, but I haven’t been documenting step by steps for them. Nevertheless, I know that the blogging world is full of creative and talented people so I’m going to share a few of my projects so that anyone feeling ambitious can try and duplicate or improve on them.

This is a Dollar store champagne glass that I drew on with a permanent marker. The swirls and dots are random, but you could draw bats, witches, spiders, or whatever floats your boat.

Add a skull platter from the Dollar store with some hot glue and you have yourself a fancy raised platter.

This chipper fellow is also a Dollar store find. I used permanent marker to darken up the shadows because they were pretty week before-hand. The vase and skulls are from, you guessed it, the Dollar store as well and the potpourri was left over from a Christmas project a couple of years ago. Its apple and cinnamon scented so it works nicely. The spider was a ring with the ring part cut off.

Here in the close up you can sort of see the “spiderwebs” made from strings of hot glue across the top of the vase

This is one of three tiered serving trays made from some flea market and thrift store finds. The trays from the flea market are made by a company called Basket Ease and the pillars are various fancy glasses again hot glued between layers.

Last but not least we have the garden turned cemetery. I have 5 very active dogs who carry  everything off so in order to have any outdoor decorations, they either needed to be up high or out of reach of the dogs. Enter my fenced garden that is fenced to save the plants from my pooches.

We live in a field so there are no trees within a hundred yards of our house. This makes me sad this time of year when I want creep dead trees, but this year I found a solution. We have a large brush pile and in this pile are very long branches from a tree trimming my brother in law did at his house this spring. I pulled out 10-12 of these branches and with the aid of the fence, created a spooky haunted forest around my growing cemetery.

In the picture above you can see the ones I “planted” in the center of the garden by digging a hole about 8-10 inches deep, sticking the branches in the ground, and backfilling around them to hold them in place. It gets windy here, but they’ve stayed put so far.

Here’s our larges tombstone (I have more to put out but they’re locked up in the garage and my husband has the key with him at work) with a bone made from rolled up newspaper and paper mache. It was kind of time consuming, but pretty easy. I hope to get a tutorial up for that soon because I need to make a few more anyway.

Here you can see the tomato cage ghost. I improvised today to see how well it would work. I had a white tablecloth and creepy cloth plus a punching balloon and of course tomato cages because this is after all a garden. I turned the tomato cage upside down, pegged it into the ground with sticks, added the punching balloon to the “top” and draped the table cloth and creepy cloth over top. As you can sort of see in the picture, the balloon is yellow which I wouldn’t recommend for daylight hours, but I imagine once it gets dark, it won’t matter too much.

Last but not least, I added a couple more Dollar store decorations to the main tree to add to the creep factor. More will be going out as I have access to that building in the background where all my decorations are stored. The ones I’ve put out are just the ones I’ve bought this year. Did I mention Halloween is my favoritest holiday of all? Even more than my birthday which tends to suck being New Years with the hungover-ness and all.

So now I’ve added a few more items to your list of things to think about for decorations. I’ve got more on the brain, and a month minus a day to get ready because we do our party the week after Halloween to avoid scheduling conflicts.

I feel like a heel

On Saturday Jarell and I went out to celebrate for my birthday. He took me to Joe’s Crab Shack and then we went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and it was so nice. As we headed home I had a bit of a feminine malfunction and was embarrased and unhappy due to the hormones that go along with that sort of thing. We had the kids at our house and stopped to pick up a pizza to take home for dinner. When we got there Jarell’s next oldest brother’s car was in the driveway and he was genuinely surprised about that as he had just tried to call him. We walked inside and I was being thankful for my extra long sweater that covered things till I could get changed. I walked up the stairs and heard “Surprise!” I had the impression of sparkling clean and a stack of presents on the table as I rushed into our bedroom to change, but was in a hurry due to the nature of my problem. When at last I was myself again I went back into the main part of the house and realized that the kids had cleaned everything and there were brownies fresh from the oven (which Jarell had been covertly telling the kids when to get started so that they’d be ready when we got home). He was saying to them, I told you guys not to worry about cleaning and they were saying, too bad and I felt like a heel for thinking they’d forgotten. Sweet kids, such wonderfully sweet kids. Jarell didn’t know that J7 was coming, but my MIL, J14, and my niece got there soon after we got home. We ate pizza and ice cream and brownies and I opened my gifts and everyone played with the Wii. It was so nice and such a sweet surprise. I got a book of Curry recipes which makes me ecstatic and a DVD Clue game which is confusing and fun. I feel bad about being so disappointed but I know part of that was PMS. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but they’re all great.

Photos from this weekend (Image HEAVY!)

These pictures are of course all clickable and to really see the detail you’ll need to do just that. I appologise in advance but the internet hates me so this was the best I could do.

In order left to right, top to bottom

My baby brother Clifford in all his finery, My darling dearest in one of his many costume incarnations, J11 putting the finishing touches on J13 for his Pyramid head costume, J11 and my MIL as Mrs. Doubtfire, Jarell again in another incarnation of the costume and his mom, J9 as the redneck Spartan (complete with Uncrustables box helmet :), J13 posing in the basement in full regalia, Me in my not Tia Dalma costume, and again me, J13’s back with fake scars and cuts, J’s 9,11,13, and 14, J11 in her costume- how cool are her eyes here, T-bucket in his not costume, A couple of closeups of my make-up – I was feeling bloodthirsty, J14’s full costume- aren’t she and her sister beautiful dolls?, J12- the other twin LOL and yet he’s not the one witht the nickname of Bubba, and the last three (sorry Dana!) are of our pumpkin display and haunted house candle holder.

Photos courtesy of myself, Jarell, and the rest of the J’s.

*oh and J11 went for the Jigsaw from the movie Saw look while J14 was leaning towards the look of a female Joker a la Heath Ledger.